Pet Secure Can Offer A Complete
Health Care Package For Your Cat Or Dog

Pet Insurance - GOLD or SILVER

The following table shows the maximum benefit up to which you will be able to claim for both the GOLD and SILVER cover plans:-

Gold or Silver

Veterinary Fees Excess £50 £50
Third Party Liability Excess £250 £250
Holiday Cancellation Excess £50 £50
Veterinary Fees (per condition): £6,000 £3,000
Dental Treatment £250 £100
Complementary Treatment £250 £100
Behavioural Problems £250 N/A
Clinical Diet £200 N/A
Overseas Veterinary Fees £1,000 N/A
Cremation £100 N/A
Third Party Liability £2,000,000 £1,000,000
Emergency Kennels and Cattery Fees £750 £250
Daily Minding £750 N/A
Lost/Stolen - Advertising Costs £1,000 £250
Lost/Stolen - Reward £250 £100
Theft or Straying £750 £250
Accidental Death £1,000 £250
Death from Illness £1,000 N/A
Holiday Cancellation £3,000 £500
Transportation and Overnight Expenses £150 N/A
Accidental Damage £500 N/A
Quarantine Costs £2,000 N/A
Loss of Health Certificate £250 N/A
Repeat Tick and Worming Treatment Covered N/A
Emergency Expenses Abroad £500 N/A

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Reasons To Insure

Did you know?

  • One in three pets fall ill or become injured each year
  • Every year nearly 30% of all dogs and cats need to visit a veterinary surgeon, with bills in excess of £300
  • If your pet caused a road traffic accident you could be held responsible
  • Insuring your pet costs only a few pounds a month
  • More than one third of pet owners can not easily afford their vets bills
  • 9 out of 10 pet owners with pet insurance say its well worth getting